MyPayingAds is a Marathon and not a Sprint


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Welcome to the first edition of  my journey into the MyPayingAds life changing program. Have a good read.


The key to success is determination, commitment and belief. You have to believe in yourself to achieve your dreams, now we should be determined to build a strong foundation which will enable us to live the life that we deserve to live. This blog is targeted towards people with a winning mentality and together we will win so much that will get tired of winning.

  • Join the winning team
  • Together we will achieve
  • Rome was not built overnight (Patience)
  • Invest smartly (Affordable payments)
  • Believe in the system
  • Winning mentality starts with the belief

Successful people have a winning mentality, they do not believe in the word ‘If’. They have no doubt in their capabilities. Together, we will overtime build a foundation in which we will be earning with a passive income from multiple sources. This can only be achieved through hardwork and dedication.

Renound Ethiopean long-distance Marathon runner Haile Gabrselassie says that ‘when you run the marathon, you run against the distance and not against the runner and not against the time’. ‘MyPayingAds is a Marathon and not a Sprint‘.

The decisions we make now will determine the future of our generations to come. Join me on the marathon journey to success.

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Click here to access MyPayingAds

Join the winning team here: Click here to access MyPayingAds



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